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Sarah E. Taylor
Current Residence: Gotham City
Favourite genre of music: Several. Rock, New Age, Celtic, Classical, Alternative, Metal
Favourite style of art: Pastel, Watercolor, Digital, Oil
Operating System: Windows XP Home
MP3 player of choice: Windows Media Player, uPlayer, Winamp
Shell of choice: Oyster
Wallpaper of choice: Custom Wallpaper drawn by sakky-attack
Favourite cartoon character: Duo Maxwell [Gundam Wing]/Cosmo[Fairly Oddparents]/Alistair Theirin [DA: O]
Challenge:  Redesign your Sailor Senshi as a western-style (as in western-style animation or comics) superhero.  For instance:  this is what Sailor Abraxas would look like as a DCU Green Lantern.

I might try a couple of my other characters - maybe some of the characters on Abraxas's team.  I also have a Champions Online version of Abraxas I should get drawn.  Anyway.  That's the idea.  Reimagine a Sailor Senshi as a western-style superhero.  DCU, Marvel, HERO system, City of X, whichever 'verse you think they'd be suited (so to speak, accidental pun) to.  Anyone is welcome to join in:  It's not a contest, so there's no rating or anything.  Just something that sounded like fun.  Join in if you want, or don't.  This is cross-posted to :moonlight-paintbrush:.


Progress Percentage Key
25% - Sketching Guidelines in over top of blank
35% - Client approval of sketch [Commissions]
50% - "Inking" in permanent lines over guides
65% - Client approval of lineart [Commissions]
75% - Colorwork & Background art
95% - Final cleanup
99% - Final client approval & touchup [Commissions]
100% - Complete


-dA Recuperation Time Requests
1.  Sailor Centuris for Dubird [50%]
2.  Sailor Sorin Moon for Pysi
3.  Sailor Vulcan for Phoe
4.  Time Lapse for Sakura-Chirari
5.  Sailor White Dragon for Jess
6.  Sailor Solaris for Lissa-Pin
7.  Sailor Oceanus for Princess-of-Asteria


EDIT:  Theme #77 is now Mythical Animals.  Because I said so and Leichama didn't stop me.  Wahahaha!

Pixel Challenge Rules:
1. Can be in any art medium you want; digital, traditional, pixels, literature, even scribbles.
2. Can be completed in any order.
3. Must be a fan-made character of the Sailor Moon world, female or male (but they can dress up as a canon character), even one made just for this challenge (number 100 is a mandatory new creation though.)
4. If you're going to do this challenge, when you post completed artworks, please link back to this deviation so others can try to do it too. Making a Journal to list the challenge is your choice/optional.
5. There is no time limit.
7. Characters belong to their respective creators.  Creator credits will be in the artist comments of each piece.  Each theme's character will be linked from the main list as soon as it is complete.  If there is no credit to the creator of a character, that's probably because I used my own damn character.  If that is not the case, politely inform me and I will fix it.

1. Good / Purity [Sailor Quillitia]
2. Evil / Contamination [Sailorblackadder]
3. Light / Illusion [Sailor Luminatia]
4. Darkness / Shadow [Sailor Etherios]
5. Earth [Sailor Avalanche]
6. Wind [Sailor Coolbreeze]
7. Fire [Sailor Volcanus]
8. Water [Sailor Oceana]
9. Metal or Sword [Sailor Abraxas]
10. Shields [Sailor Schiari]
11. Healing / Resurrection [Sailor Zyrni]
12. Life [Sailor Eternity]
13. Death [Sailor Mortality]
14. Crystals [Sailor Abhijit]
15. Rock / Stone / Petrifaction [Sailor Neolith]
16. Gravity [Sailor Chraellym::Kielo/pink]
17. Sand or Sandstorms [Sailor MakeMake]
18. Storms [Sailor Galateia]
19. Electricity [Sailor Aquila]
20. Wood or Paper [Jate's Sailor Lore]
21. Grass [Sailor Spring::nads6969]
22. Vines and/or Leaves [Sailor Oak]
23. Tornado [Sailor Wind Angel]
24. Sound and Music [Sailor Neounity]
25. Lava [Sailor Neoember]
26. Smoke [Sailor Conquest]
27. Deep Ocean [Sailor Delphinus, Sailor Nethuns]
28. Ice [Sailor Snowflake]
29. Spring [Sailor Spring/white and purple]
30. Summer [Sailor Summer/blue and orange]
31. Autumn [Sailor Autumn/brown and red]
32. Winter [Sailor Winter/black and pale blue]
33. Mist or Steam [Sailor Kallisto]
34. Clouds [Sailor Neobreeze]
35. Waves [Sailor Neovortex]
36. Glass [Sailor Glacium]
37. Coals or Embers [Sailor Inferno]
38. Ash [Sailor Phoenix]
39. Rain :: Princess Ahurani
40. Snow/Blizzard [Sailor Articuno]
41. Pressure or Vacuum [Sailor Void]
42. Combustion or Explosions [SailorSolinvictus]
43. Magnetism [Crystal Sailor Asteroid]
44. Insects [Sailor Denebola::Dragonflies, Nuxaz, Gaia RPG]
45. Poison / Draining Energy [Sailor Scorpio]
46. Time [Sailor Meridian]
47. Nature [Sailor Earth]
48. Magic [Sailor Fabula]
49. Black Magic [Sailor Pluto :: gyanax]
50. Flowers [Sailor Mars]
51. Angels [Sailor Seraphina]
52. Devils / Demons [Halcyon]
53. Love [Sailor Eurydice]
54. War [Sailor Lordaeron]
55. Cat Animal Guide [Chen-Wing, human form]
56. Bird Animal Guide [Polaris, human form]
57. Other Guide [Aideko, human form]
58. Friendship [Sailors Pulsar/Quasar]
59. Blood [Aurakana]
60. Sun [Sailor Sun::sakuraboys-diogo]
61. Moon [Sailor Selene]
62. Planets / Galaxy [Sailor Syrin]
63. Space / Universe [Sailors Mintaka/Alnitak/Alnilam]
64. Ancient Past [Sailor Orpheus]
65. Distant Future [Sailor Irraiel]
66. Technology [Sailor Techie]
67. Nullification/ Negation [Sailor Zodiac Pisces]
68. Health [Sailor Philyra]
69. Malady / Sickness [Sailor Nzeano]
70. Day [Sailor Aurora]
71. Night [Sailor Nocturne]
72. History [Sailor Independence]
73. Memories or Nostalgia [Sailor Orion]
74. Princess or Formal-wear [Princess Nyxena]
75. Queen [Meissa Saiph d'Orionis III]
76. Sera Myu (Musicals) [Sailor Spectrum :: Color of Music]
77. Mythical Animals [Sailor Ara]
78. My Little Pony :: Sailor Benevolence
79. Energy/ Laser Beams
80. Dreams [Sailor Dream]
81. Visions [Sailor Inspiration]  
82. Guardian [LCA General Jasmine]
83. Auras [Sailor Aura]
84. Mirrors and Reflections [Sailor Revelation]
85. Spirits [Sailor Libitina]
86. Rainbow [Eden, Knight of Cosmos]
87. Cosplay [Abraxas as Sailor Syrin]
88. Zodiac [Steampunk Sailor Aquarius]
89. Justice [Sailor Ephrenes]
90. Dimensions [Sailor Nevermoon]
91. Black Holes [Sailor Black Hole]
92. Supernova [Sailor Nova :: Shimoyo]
93. Nebula [Sailor Seldarine]
94. Comet [Sailor Perihelion]
95. Meteors [Sailor Asteroid Belt]
96. Kinetic Energy [Sailor Gliese]
97. Quintessence [Jate's Sailor Aether]
98. Emotions [Sailor Aphelion]
99. Sparkles [Sailor Disneya]
100. The Bee :: Sailor Osmia

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